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Stockton facility moves forward

CHCF Aerial Photo

The California Health Care Facility – Stockton (CHCF) is an intermediate-level medical and mental health care facility for patient-inmates within the California state prison system. By centrally locating its inmates with the highest level of medical and mental health care, the State of California is able to provide health care to its incarcerated population in a more cost effective and efficient manner.

Construction of the site has begun and is due to be operational by the end of 2013.
CHCF will employ approximately 2,400 people in over 160 different job classifications. In addition to correctional officers, the facility will be staffed by a wide range of health care and non-health care personnel. Three different State Departments will employ staff at CHCF. While the majority of staff will begin working in 2013, some hiring is already underway. If you would like to help shape the future of CHCF, visit the websites below.
California Correctional Health Care Services

We will employ hundreds of health care, mental health care and support staff: Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Technicians, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Registered Nurses, Registered Dieticians, and administrative and operational staff.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

We will employ Correctional Officers, cooks, grounds people, janitors and many people in supporting roles to keep the facility secure and operational.
(Peace Officer Classifications)
(Other Classifications)

California Department of State Hospitals

We utilize an interdisciplinary treatment team approach that will employ hundreds of professionals comprised of psychiatry, psychology, social work, rehabilitation therapy and nursing, plus management and support staff.

Career Opportunities
We will continue to add more career opportunities as they become available. To view them, please click this link.

We will continue to add more vacancies for CHCF on this website, but if you are interested in other career opportunities with the state of California, you can learn more at the State Personnel Board's web site,

Other careers with CCHCS

We will continue to add more vacancies for CHCF on this website, but if you are interested in other career opportunities with CCHCS search our website.

More facts about the CHCF.

CHCF will:

• Provide medical and mental health care to 1,722 patient-inmates

• Provide nearly $1 billion to the local economy from construction alone

• Create 5,500 regional jobs from construction activity

• Pump $220 million into the local economy annually from salaries and benefits for CHCF-Stockton employees

To learn more about CHCF and available construction jobs, please visit

Other state jobs.

To find state jobs with other state agencies, please visit

More about the Stockton Community.

You can learn more about the local community from the resources below:

Mayor Johnston Welcome Letter

Stockton Arts and Culture Guide

Local Schools

Delta College

CSU Stanislaus, Stockton Center

University of the Pacific

Stockton Sports Guide

Stockton Zip Codes

Hospitals in the Stockton Area

Stockton Parks and Community Centers

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“A Correctional Institution is a place where the clinician can sharpen his or her skills and bring a tremendous amount of therapeutic creativity to the table.”

— Psychologist
24 years experience
6 years with State Prison